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Gluten Free Tiramisu

Another successful gluten free dessert!! You can’t tell its gluten free so everyone loved it. The substitution for cream cheese in lieu of marscapone makes it more affordable and is […]

Japanese Cotton Cheesecake

Soft as a cloud, this cotton cheesecake is a marriage between a very light sponge cake and the delicious tang of cheesecake. Take care when folding in the whipped egg […]

Gluten Free Almond Wafer Cookies

Loving these super thin almond wafer cookies!! My daughter is a dessert addict and we are always testing gluten free versions of her favourite foods ever since she became gluten […]

Banana Choc Chip Muffins

Classic Banana Choc Chip Muffins in baking paper cases… I love to use baking paper instead of cupcake cases whenever possible because they present so nicely! Having one with a […]

Singapore Noodles

Singapore noodles was one of my favourite dishes growing up… a regular order from my parent’s restaurant! So simple, but utterly delicious! This curry spiced, stir fried rice vermicelli noodle […]

Fried Haloumi with Minted Turmeric Couscous

The first time I tried fried haloumi, I was addicted! The crispy, salty, slightly squeaky bite is utterly delicious. Couscous cooks so quickly that it should be a staple in […]

Super shiny mirrorglaze

Want to see something sexy? Just make this super shiny mirrorglaze and pour it over your frozen desserts… very, very, slowly… It really is mesmerizing! Deceptively simple to make, it […]

Turmeric Chicken Rice

This quick version chicken rice is a comforting dish that is also good for you! Peering into the fridge today, I saw the leftover turmeric rice which I had made […]

Green Onion Bao Buns

Bao buns looks so fluffy and simple to make, but I found them to be quite temperamental at first! My favourite tips for getting perfect fluffy buns, is to use […]
mango salad lime coconut panko

Chilli Mango salad with Coconut Crunch

Okay, there are so many amazing ways you can use mango, from desserts to savoury… but I rarely get past prepping them, because I just cant help eating them in […]
burrata orange honey pomegranate

Burrata with Citrus and Walnuts

Love this trendy cousin of the famous mozzarella!! These luscious Burrata balls are parcels of mozzarella, filled with bits of mozzarella and fresh cream. Recipe adapted from Yotam Ottolenghi’s Buratta […]
jicama sour cream salad

Jicama salad with Lemon Sour Cream

Jicama is such a wonderful crisp, versatile vegetable! I love how clean the flesh looks in this salad, served with a fresh creamy dressing, it’s simply wonderful. center no-repeat;center top;; […]
broccolli salad grapes

Creamy Crunchy Broccoli Salad

If you’re wondering “raw broccoli?” let me just say – you wont believe how great raw broccoli can taste! It’s surprising how mild the raw broccoli is, giving this salad […]

Orange & Beet Salad with Feta

This simple, yet visually stunning recipe barely needs an introduction. Bring on the feeling of summer! center no-repeat;center top;; auto 0px 15% Orange & Beet SaladIngredients 2 beetroots 2 navel […]