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Delicious Gluten Free Recipes


Gluten Free Tiramisu

Another successful gluten free dessert!! You can’t tell its gluten free so everyone loved it. The substitution for cream cheese in lieu of marscapone makes it more affordable and is […]

Gluten Free Almond Wafer Cookies

Loving these super thin almond wafer cookies!! My daughter is a dessert addict and we are always testing gluten free versions of her favourite foods ever since she became gluten […]

Fried Haloumi with Minted Turmeric Couscous

The first time I tried fried haloumi, I was addicted! The crispy, salty, slightly squeaky bite is utterly delicious. Couscous cooks so quickly that it should be a staple in […]

Turmeric Chicken Rice

This quick version chicken rice is a comforting dish that is also good for you! Peering into the fridge today, I saw the leftover turmeric rice which I had made […]

Chocolate Mousse

Sometimes the simplest recipes like chocolate mousse can cause much confusion. It can be as simple as melted chocolate folded into whipped cream, a whipped ganache or a mousse set […]

Mini Pavlova with Chocolate Mousse

Pavlova is a family favourite of ours. My family loves the outside very crisp, with the marshmallow quite gooey. So instead a one large pavlova, which you can certainly do […]

New York Style Gluten Free Cheesecake

This New York Style Gluten Free Cheesecake is for all the dessert lovers out there that struggle with gluten intolerance! As daunting as it was when we discovered my daughters […]

Glucose vs Corn Syrup vs Sugar

Glucose is an invert sugar and often comes from corn but can also come from potato or wheat. The consistency is thicker than corn syrup or sugar syrup (made from […]

Cherry Sorbet (No Churn Fruit Sorbet)

This cherry sorbet is so quick and easy to make. I always keep a bag of frozen berries or fruit inn the freezer so I have a great dessert to […]