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Easy Butter Marshmallow Fondant!

Next time you are decorating a cake, you must try this Butter Marshmallow Fondant (BMF)! Not only does it look good, it is easy to work with and tastes great – much better than traditional rolled fondant in my opinion. Fondant covered cakes have always felt a bit out-of-date to me and not always the nicest thing to eat… not sure if it’s the marzipan or royal icing part that I don’t like, but if you like marshmallows, than you will love this substitute!

All fondant is primarily made of sugar, so I still wouldn’t like to eat an excessive amount, but combined with a delicious buttercream or cream cheese frosting, it’s a great way to decorate your cake. Mould fun decorations like you would with playdough, or roll out large sheets to cover your cake for a nice, smooth finish. This Butter Marshmallow Fondant is made from shelf-stable ingredients, so any excess can be kept for months in the refrigerator for future use.

Butter Marshmallow Fondant

Course Dessert


  • 400 g mini marshmallows
  • 1 Tb vanilla extract
  • 1 Tb water
  • 2 Tb liquid glucose
  • 2 Tb salted butter room temp, plus extra for greasing
  • 800 g powdered/icing sugar sifted


  1. Place the marshmallows, water, vanilla and glucose into a microwave safe bowl, then heat on high for 1 minute. Stir and continue in increments of 20 seconds, until all the marshmallows have just melted.

  2. Scrape the sticky mixture into a stand mixer with the dough hook attachment and add the softened butter, food colouring (if using) and half of the icing sugar. Mix on medium speed for 5 minutes until smooth.

  3. Meanwhile, place the remaining icing sugar in a pile on the bench and make a well in the centre.

  4. Put on disposable food gloves and rub some butter between your hands. Transfer the marshmallow mixture into the sugar pile and slowly knead in the sugar. The texture will become pliable and won't be sticky anymore… you may not to incorporate all the sugar.

  5. Press the fondant into a ball and lightly rub some butter on the outside. Wrap the fondant tightly in cling film and rest it in the fridge overnight.

  6. When you are ready to use it, leave it wrapped on the counter until it comes to room temperature. Lightly dust a silicon mat with cornstarch or icing sugar and knead the fondant until it softens. If it feels too dry, rub a little butter onto your hands and continue.

  7. Mould and roll to make your creations and wrap any excess tighly with clingfilm and store in a ziploc bag in the refridgerator.