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Singapore Noodles

Singapore noodles was one of my favourite dishes growing up… a regular order from my parent’s restaurant! So simple, but utterly delicious! This curry spiced, stir fried rice vermicelli noodle […]
jicama sour cream salad

Jicama salad with Lemon Sour Cream

Jicama is such a wonderful crisp, versatile vegetable! I love how clean the flesh looks in this salad, served with a fresh creamy dressing, it’s simply wonderful. center no-repeat;center top;; […]

Chicken Dumplings with a Crispy Net

There is something magical about dumplings. Pan steaming them gives you the best of the crispy fried base along with a top that is soft and velvety. Making dumplings with […]

Easy Butter Marshmallow Fondant!

You’d think that perhaps BMF stood for Best Masterchef Friend, but no, I can live outside my Masterchef bubble and I’m happy to introduce you to this delicious Butter Marshmallow […]

Swiss meringue buttercream

As much as I love a straight forward, fluffy, decadently delicious buttercream, sometimes it’s just too much to smother onto a small cake. This is where swiss meringue buttercream comes […]